The Lunch Box is the online presence of The International Culinary Center’s new non-profit, The Future Cooks Initiative. Our conversation is going to be about helping kids develop healthier, more responsible eating habits. We’re going to focus on real world, scalable programming, and share information on programs we’re active in.

We know the problem.  Childhood obesity is on the rise and chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes are affecting younger populations.  You’ve probably heard it before, but if these trends continue, this will be the first generation of Americans to have shorter lifespan than their parents.

At The Future Cooks Initiative we believe we can do better right now, with this generation.  It’s going to take work, and The Lunch Box is our way of not just letting you know what we’re doing in this food fight, but engaging the talents of our students, alumni, and the wider culinary community to find answers that work.


The Future Cooks Initiative is an effort to help people make meaningful and lasting connections with the food they eat.

Through a variety of programs in classrooms, cafeterias, and kitchens, The Future Cooks Initiative will give people the knowledge and skills they need to make nutritious, delicious food choices. The Future Cooks Initiative is focused on real world, scalable programming that will make long-term positive change starting with this generation.

The Future Cooks Initiative will be driven by culinary professionals, but draw on a variety of stakeholders for their expertise. What we eat has real and lasting implications on our society, and The Future Cooks Initiative will draw on a broad base of support to create focused, sustainable programming that will result in healthier, more responsible eaters.


Phil Gutensohn is the Executive Director of The Future Cooks Initiative and an alumnus of The French Culinary Institute. He has worked for Senator Kent Conrad on Capitol Hill; in fine dining restaurants, including Craft and the Grocery; and in the kitchen at the Calhoun School. He is also the Director of Conferences and Special Initiatives at The International Culinary Center and received his Master of Arts in Food Systems from New York University. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two young sons. He wants kids to eat better—his and yours.

Dorothy Cann Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center, home to both The French Culinary Institute and The Italian Culinary Academy, in New York City and Campbell, California. As a passionate entrepreneur, award-winning educator, and gastronomic visionary she is one of the most influential forces shaping the American culinary landscape today. Her lifelong passion and relentless pursuit of culinary excellence across the globe inspired the creation of The International Culinary Center, launching over 15,000 careers, including many of America’s most prominent chefs.


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