At The Cooking Room

13 May

We’re excited to be involved in the development of another non-profit, The Cooking Room. The Cooking Room is a food literacy program for kids being put together by a group of parents and faculty at PS 3 in Greenwich Village. When you’re putting together a program like this, it always helps when one of those parents is a world-class chef like Zak Pelaccio.

The Cooking Room uses some of the same fundamentals used to train cooks to come into a professional kitchen. You train them to taste (bitter, sour, sweet, salty, and umami). In the cooking room, you use real, and sometimes unfamiliar, ingredients—puntarella and tamarind come to mind.You also train in basic culinary technique (peeling, chopping, stock making, baking, etc.). Essentially, you train them to look at real, whole foods as something accessible to cook and eat. And it’s amazing what they’ll eat when they prepare it.

In addition to assisting with curriculum and volunteers, occasionally, I get to step in for Zak when he’s taken away by business.  Following are some shots from the Chicken and Rice Soup lesson.


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